Acupuncture is a form of therapy in which specific points on the body are stimulated with very thin needles.  These points correspond to nerves, glands, organs, and a system of subtle energy in the human body known as a meridian.  Meridians regulate the life functions of the human body and the acupuncture points on the meridian are like switches that can affect this flow of energy and through it, affect changes in the human body and mind. 


Chinese Herbology 
Traditional Chinese Medicine herbology is perhaps the most ancient and sophisticated from of herbal medicine on the planet today.  TCM formulas use simple principles of nature to bring the body into a state of balance.  Chinese herbal formulas have stood the test of time as safe and highly effective forms of medicine for many health concerns.  Chinese herbs and herbal formulas have undergone and are currently undergoing a great deal of research and are proving to be effective medicines for a wide range of modern diseases. 
Nutritional Consultation

Nutrition is perhaps the most important aspect of healing, simply because food is the physical substance we put the most of in our bodies during the day.  If those substances are pure, rich in nutrients, and balanced for the constitution, then fanstastic results will occur almost overnight.  However, due to lack of education, personal eating habits, and of course emotional attachment, most people have yet to stick to a diet that will profoundly effect their state of well being.  I have struggled with maintaining an excellent diet throughout my life and have found that the root of it is my emotional eating.  Chinese medicine offers many unique and effective ways to release pent up emotions that can make it challenging to choose a healthier diet and lifestyle.  Nutritional Consulation is included with every treatment, and strategies are employed to make eating healthier much easier and even fun.

Chinese Medicine for Mental Health 


Chinese Medicine can heal mental/emotional problems, and has been used effectively for this purpose for centuries.  Many psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, manic depressive disorder, excessive anger, compulsive disorders, and attention deficit disorder, can be successfully treated through the use of acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas, and diet and lifestyle changes.  If a patient is currently on a medication, acupuncture can harmonize extremely well with their traditional psychiatric treatment and create improved results.  Additionally, a patient who is seeing a psychologist but not taking medication can benefit greatly from acupuncture and herbs.  Many acupuncture points and formulas have been found to be clinically effective in battling psychological disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, and even schizophrenia.  Chinese medicine provides a truly groundbreaking approach to mental wellness yields excellent results without the side effects of modern psychiatric drugs.


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